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Why Dr. Slupchynskyj?
Dr. Slupchynskyj is Double Board Certified with training specific to the head, neck and face. As a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, he is considered a "Face specialist". How is this different from other Plastic Surgery practices? General Plastic Surgeons are trained to treat the entire body. Facial Plastic Surgeons are trained to treat only the neck and face.
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Jaw and Chin Enhancement

For many observers, a well-defined chin and jawline promotes an image of strength, character and integrity. Conversely, those with weak chins are sometimes perceived as weak-willed or lacking in fortitude. For both male and female patients, a jawline in balance and proportion to the nose and all facial features can build a strong foundation to the entire face. Recent advances in implant technology have enabled patients to receive chin implants that can give them the appearance they desire.

What Is a Jaw or Chin Implant Procedure?

Mentoplasty (the clinical name for Chin Surgery) is a procedure to remold the structure of the chin. While some cases may require a reduction of the chin, most instances involve the use of Chin Implants to rebuild the appearance of the chin and jawline. The chin enhancement procedure may consist of either the injection of semi-solid materials (e.g. hylauronic acid fillers) to fill out the jawline, or the implantation of solid, flexible materials to be shaped around the current structure of the chin and jaw bones.

Jaw and Chin Implants and Rhinoplasty

Some patients who undergo Rhinoplasty ("nose job") Surgery may also need to consider Chin Implants. For many Rhinoplasty patients, the size of their noses distracts from the size of their chins, which throws the facial dimensions out of proportion. The addition of a Chin Implant together with the reduction of the nose can enhance both features and bring the facial structure back into almost perfect proportion. The combination of these procedures also saves time and money for the patient.

What Are Chin and Jaw Implants Made Of?

The implants are made from flexible, bio-safe plastics. Surgeons have used Chin Implants made from Silicone for decades, as they are the safest and most flexible, but other materials have entered the market that may be more suitable for some patients. Implants can also be sculpted from such materials as Gore-Tex and Merselene Mesh. In extreme cases, the Surgeon may opt for a Chin Advancement Procedure (Genioplasty), where he removes a piece of bone from the lower jaw, advances it toward the chin and reattaches the bone fragment with titanium fasteners.

Injectable Options for Jaw and Chin Augmentation

For some cases, a slight augmentation may be more beneficial than a full implantation. In those instances, a solid implant may not be the best option. Instead, the surgeon can oversee the injection of semi-solid materials that can augment the chin and jawline. These materials, including Juvederm®™, Radiesse®™ and Restalyne®™, can serve as temporary augmentation for a weak or receding jawline. Other patients may have fat cells relocated from another part of the body into the chin to achieve a full jawline.

Benefits of Chin and Jaw Implants

The appearance of a stronger chin and jaw can eliminate many facial structure issues. A prominent chin is a vital component in creating a long, triangular shape to the face for patients of both sexes. The improved chin also gives the face a more aesthetically pleasing profile, as it gives the face a strong base and brings the proportions of each part of the face back into the expected ratios. The larger chin removes many of the effects of a "double chin" and gives the illusion of a smaller nose and improved neck profile.

Dr. Slupchynskyj sculpts the implant to any size or shape needed. This modern and flexible approach allows Dr. Slupchynskyj to create the most suitable look for the patient's chin and jawline. The patient can opt for a softer and more natural outline to the chin, or for a larger, thicker chin that conveys strength and confidence.

Reasons for a Jaw or Chin Implant

In general, most patients undergo jaw and/or chin augmentation for aesthetic reasons in order to bring about the symmetry of the face, to adjust a receding chin, or to build definition in the lower facial region. Many patients who consider the procedure were born with a receding chin and seek to correct this, while others develop a receding chin as they age. Patients may also think about combining the chin implant procedure with other cosmetic procedures (e.g. Rhinoplasty, Cheek Implants) to create or restore more suitable facial proportions.

Patients who have experienced severe birth defects or trauma may also consider having a chin or jaw implant procedure. Jaw and chin implants are often a vital component in many types of facial reconstruction surgery. The implants can remedy many of the facial structure issues of those patients with genetic disorders or who have suffered from injuries or accidents. The improvement in the patient's appearance can also have a significant positive impact on the patient's outlook and self-esteem.

Risks of a Jaw and Chin Implant

Is it important to select a qualified and experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon to perform any surgery on the face including jaw and chin surgery. Not only will you get the best of results, your risk of complications or undesired results following surgery will be reduced. Improper placement of the implant by an inexperienced surgeon may result in shifting or maladjustment, which can create further cosmetic issues and may require revision surgery to clear up the issue. Patients may also experience extended periods of numbness or loss of sensation in the area surrounding the implant.

Contraindications for a Chin and Jaw Implant

Not every patient is a suitable candidate for a jaw or Chin Implant Procedure. Patients with skin elasticity problems around the jawline due to previous cosmetic procedures may be advised not to undergo surgery. Also, patients who have been administered the anti-acne drug Accutane in the six months previous to the procedure may be at risk of developing keloid-like scarring around the incision area. Patients who have been diagnosed with an abnormally small jaw (micrognathia) or receding jawbone (retrognathia) are also not good candidates.

Who is a Candidate?

Patients who undergo a jaw or chin implant procedure should be in good physical and mental health. Smokers, patients with immune deficiencies or bone disorders are not suitable candidates for the procedure. However, those with less severe problems who want an improved appearance in their chin and jawline are candidates. Jaw Augmentation can also help patients who have lost tissue volume in the cheekbone and mid-face area, as this can bring back the support and fullness needed for the facial structure.

Anatomy of a Jaw or Chin Implant

All of the major components of the mid-face region in attractive people, including the chin, cheeks, and nose, possess a pleasing symmetry. The key to a successful jaw and chin implant procedure is the ability to establish that symmetry. In attractive people with strong chins, the line from the most prominent part of the forehead to the furthest point on the chin should be vertical. If the chin recedes below that line, Dr. Slupchynskyj can place a proper Chin Implant that will establish that line.

Recovery from the Implant Procedure

As with many cosmetic procedures, the patient may display some post-operative swelling, which should subside in a week or less during the healing phase. If the incision goes through the mouth, the patient will be limited to a diet of soft, bland foods to prevent irritation and potential infection. The patient may be prescribed antibiotics and pain medication during the recovery, but these should only last a week at most.

How Long Does a Jaw or Chin Implant Last?

If properly shaped and placed, the implant should last a lifetime.

Patients of both genders often benefit from jaw or Chin Implant Surgery. For male patients, the appearance of a strong jaw can promote confidence that carries over into both professional and social circles. For female patients, the Jaw or Chin Implant can create an aesthetically appealing support structure for the lower facial region, which tends to age much better than a face without a strong chin and jawline.

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